YaaN, nafas karta tha roshan shama-e-bazm-e-beKHud Jalva-e-gul, vaaN, bisat-e-sohbat-e-ahbab tha

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YaaN, nafas karta tha roshan shama-e-bazm-e-beKHudi 

My side: my breath of sigh was puffing (oxygen) to keep the candle of my trance party, luminous

Jalva-e-gul,        vaaN,      bisat-e-sohbat-e-ahbab     tha 

Pageantry of flowers, on her side, was like a flooring for her intimacy with friends (my rivals)

Nafas= breath, puffing shma-e-bazm =candle illuminate  a gathering  be-Khdui= a state when a person lost in deep thought or depression  jalva= luster  bisat= chess board, a gathering sohbat=company, association ahbab= plural of habib, a friend

Meaning: In this whole Ghazal, in highly exaggerated words, Ghalib has portrayed his situation on night of promise. His beloved had promised him a date; but she failed to show up. She made rain as an excuse and revoked her promised date; actually, she was having a good time with Ghalib’s rivals. This Ghazal shows Ghalib’s power of imagination and his power of using allegorical words and visualization.

Verse 6:- Here, I was in trance throwing a party, a “Mehfil”; I was puffing oxygen of my gasp to keep the illumination alive. Whereas on her side, she was enjoying company of her friends (my rivals); and, the dazzling flowers were spread like a carpet giving a grand welcome to them.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati