Kis se mehroomi-e-qismat ki Shikayat ki je ? Hum ne chha tha ke mr jaeN, so who bhi na hua!

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This is my 30th installment.  I have received excellent response from lot of friends; both Urdu and non-Urdu speakers. Please know that this is my own, Asghar Vasanwala’s, work and not a forwarding of someone else’s work as some you thought. Please forward this to your friends. Also please send me your comments/complements. I will appreciate if you forward me emails of your Urdu/non-Urdu friends.

Kis  se   mehroomi-e-qismat  ki  Shikayat  ki  je

Who do I complain about my luckless self? 

Hum ne chha tha ke mr jaeN, so who bhi na hua!

I wished for death; it even didn’t come my way!  

mehroom = devoid (it comes from word haram=banned)        mehroomi-e-qismat=emptiness of luck, luckless     Shikayat =complaint  

This is the 6th verse of Ghalib’s 9th ghazal.  Ending verse of a Ghazal is called Maqta; it holds the poet’s pen name called takhallus. The verse before maqta, which is this verse, is called Aakhri sher or last verse of a ghazal.

Meaning:This verse is full of pain. It narrates the moments of extreme suffering, agony, and torment in a human life in very simple words. In this verse, Ghalib has captured those moments when he was ignored, refused, and rejected by his sweetheart; or, by the treacherous and mean world. In this mood, Ghalib seeks refuge in death. He thought that death would embrace him just for asking. Alas his luck! Death also rejected him. It also didn’t embrace him. Now, who do Ghalib complain about such an awful luck?  When even death has rejects, who else would accept him?

Ghalib is saying, “Look how helpless is I? I want to die; yet, even death is rejecting me!”

Finer aspects of this verse: In this verse, Ghalib has captured a perfect picture of terrible moments in a life a person when he faces rejection from every where and loses all hopes; he/she then thinks that death is the only panacea. However, death is also not easy to come. In USA and other western countries, many cancer patients and patients suffering from many dreaded diseases, want to trash their tubes and oxygen masks and embrace death; but, the Government and its laws force him/her to live in suffering; law wouldn’t allow ending the suffering by euthanasia. This verse projects exact picture of those suffering minds.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati