Jalwa az bas ke taqaza-e-nigah karta hai Johar-e-aaina bhi, chahe hai mizgaN hona

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This is the 5th verse of Ghalib’s 18th ghazal.

Jalwa az  bas  ke taqaza-e-nigah karta  hai

Her dazzling appearance demands attention of all 

Johar-e-aaina bhi, chahe hai mizgaN hona

Even scratches in mirror want to become eyelashes, for witnessing her.

Jalwa=manifest, dazzling presenceaz bas ke=with force, much more    taqaza=insistence, demand    taqaza-e-nigah=demanding attention     Johar-e-aaina=scratches in mirror. In olden times, mirrors were hand polished or manually silvered; that left scratches in mirror. Ghalib could be talking about hand polished metal mirror.

Meaning: In this verse, Ghalib says, “Dazzle of my sweetheart’s beauty is overwhelming. It commands all to watch. Obeying that command, mirror becomes eyes and its scratches become eyelashes

Finer aspects: In this verse, Ghalib has presented a very delicate subject. It demands our “wow!” Here, Ghalib has given life and admiration to even scratches of mirror. Why not? Mirror has absorbed his beloved’s image; so, everything in mirror becomes beauty to him.

Ghalibologists’ opinions:

Saha’s and Saeed’s opinion: in quest of viewing your beauty, even scratches of mirror yearn becoming eyelashes.

Aasi’s opinion:Because her beauty commands everyone to watch her, so, when mirror absorbed her view, scratches in mirror transformed and started acting like eyelashes. Or, under effect of her dazzling beauty, scratches became eyelashes.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati