Hanoz, ek parto-e-naqsh-e-khayal-e-yar, baqi hai Dil-e-Afsurda, goya hujra hai, yusuf ke zindaN ka

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This is the 9th verse of Ghalib’s 10th ghazal. Verse 8th has been

Hanoz, ek parto-e-naqsh-e-khayal-e-yar, baqi hai

Till now, an imprint of shadow of my beloved’s thought, remains

Dil-e-Afsurda, goya hujra hai, yusuf ke zindaN ka

As if, my withered heart is cell of  Joseph’s prison

Hanoz= Till now   parto=shadow, image    Naqsh=an imprint     Khayal-e-yaar= beloved’s thought, Dil-e-afsurda=withered heart  goya=as if ( Farsi verb guftan=speak and its imperative=go from this go word goya is formed) hujra=cell,  zindaN=jail house, prison

Meaning: In this verse, Ghalib has described predicament of his heart. There was time when Ghalib’s heart remained bloomed by musing on time he had enjoyed with his beloved. But now his beloved rejects him and torments him. Due to this, his heart has withered and shrunken; the sweet nostalgic memory has said good bye. Yet, the imprint left by the shadow of those memories still linger in Ghalib’s heart i.e. her memory has gone, yet Ghalib is unable to forget her! In this verse Ghalib refers to a passage in Holy Qur’an about Jailing of Joseph. When lady Zulekha accused Joseph of molesting her, Zulekha’s husband Aziz threw Joseph in a dungeon of a jailhouse. However, the dungeon got lit up from the brilliance of Joseph’s beauty. It is said even after Joseph was released from the dungeon it remained bright. This was because the imprint of Joseph’s shadow remained lingering. Ghalib says, “My heart is like Joseph’s dark and narrow dungeon. It, also, has remained bright after the brilliant thoughts of my beloved memory have left; just because the imprint of those brilliant memories is still lingering in my heart’s chamber” Ghalib compares imprint of shadow of his beloved memory with imprint of Joseph’s shadow. He also compares the chamber of his heart with Joseph’s dungeon.

 Finer aspects of this verse: By mentioning Joseph of Holy Scriptures, Ghalib gives a new dimension to his own love: pure and sacred. By this, he also demonstrates his unmatched skill of telling a huge story in just two lines.

Ghalibologists’ opinions:                                                                                                                                     Aasi’s opinion:The use of word hanoz= until now, shows that Ghalib himself didn’t quit musing over beloved’s thought; the thought went away because his heart got withered and shrunk due to constant torment and rejection of his love by his beloved. The heart’s holding capacity was destroyed by this shrinking. Simile of heart’s chamber with Joseph’s dungeon is brilliant.

Sayeed’s opinion: The Mark of Joseph’s shadow lingering on, in the dungeon, even after Joseph’s ‘s release. In the same way shadow of Ghalib’s beloved’s thought is still lingering in the chamber of Ghalib’s heart.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati