Dil meiN phir girya ne ek shor uthaya “Ghalib” Aah! Jo qatra na nikla tha so tufaN nikla

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Dil meiN phir girya ne ek shor uthaya “Ghalib”

Again, in my heart shoots roaring tears 

Aah!   Jo  qatra  na  nikla  tha  so  tufaN  nikla

Ah! What didn’t come out even as a drop  before, is now gushing likea storm 

 girya = weep, cry, lamentation, grief   Qatra= drop    so= that

This is the 6th and last verse of Ghalib’s 6th ghazal. Being last verse of the ghazal, it is called Maqta ­­- the end; the verse has poet’s pen name “Ghalib”. This Ghazal is one of the most celebrated ghazals of Ghalib. It has been sung among others, by the top singers like Rafi, Talat-Asha, & Lata. To listen each of them, click here.

Meaning: We see the same things as the poets do; but poets make the scene exciting by their choice of words and construction of sentences. When we lose a lover, a son, a daughter, a wife, a husband, a father, or a mother, whom we loved so dearly, we get overwhelmed with sorrow and can’t help weeping, and crying. But our physiology demands other things besides the emotional needs. During fulfillment of those other needs, our weeping gets interrupted only to be resumed with more force, the next time. This verse is about such situation.

 This is a beautiful verse with excellent choice of words and construction. By using a single word “Phir” meaning again, Ghalib wants to tell us that this was the second episode. During the first episode of weep, he shed no tears, because he could control himself; but, when beloved’s memory overwhelmed him the second time, Ghalib no more could control his weep and cry. This time the weep came out with a full force like a strong storm.   

Watch a little baby cry! He/she may make a crying face, but no tears; he/she may then get distracted and may become normal and then all of a sudden he/she may cry profusely with loud sobs. When I see babies do this, I loudly recite the above verse. Babies love Ghalib and Urdu! They immediately stop crying. Try it! 

Each verse of Ghalib shows a different aspect of Ghalib’s command. Some verses are celebrated for its deep meaning, some for its simplicity, and many for its choice of words. This verse is celebrated for its simple and related words, cry, storm, noise, and drop; they fit every bit into the verse.  

Ghalibologists’ opinions:

Aasi, Saha & Sayeed: Oh! Ghalib, again, in my heart my weep and cry has raised loud blasts. During my last weeping episode, a drop that escaped my eye has now proved to be a strong storm. 

Bekhud: During the first episode of weep, I was able to control it; I didn’t allow even a drop of tears to come into my eyes. But now it has become a powerful storm. Meaning, now slowly but surely, my love, which I had kept secret, is getting exposed. 

Taba Tabai: I had such a control on my grief and cry that I considerer it as meager as a drop; but, now it has become storm and has overwhelmed me

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati