Ahbab chara-sazi-e-vehsat na kar sake ZindaN meiN bhi Khayal bayabaaN nawrd tha

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Ahbab   chara-sazi-e-vehsat     na    kar     sake

My friend couldn’t find cure for my (love) craze

ZindaN meiN bhi Khayal bayabaaN nawrd tha

In prison also, my thoughts were wandering in desert

Ahbab= Plural of Habib=a friend   chara-sazi=treatment, cure   vehshat=extreme behavior, craziness ZindaN=prison, confinement    bayabaaN=jungle, desert     naward= imperative of Persian verb Nawurdan=toroam bayabaaN nward= one who roams uninhabited places like desert and jungles

This is the 6th verse of Ghalib’s 7th ghazal.  This ghazal is not popular at street level yet it is a beautiful one; I love it.

Meaning: To “cure” my crazy behavior my friends put restrains on me and threw me into a prison so that I wouldn’t roam in deserts and jungles and flare my love-craze. Though they put physical restrains on my body, they couldn’t restrain my thoughts and my spirit; because even in jail, I could mentally roam in jungles and deserts. Meaning, my friends’ efforts to restrain me, miserably failed.

I like this verse very much. If a person is determined and has a will of steel, no super power can restrain him. Examples of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Faiz-Ahmed Faiz, Abul Kalam Azad, Jesus Christ, Ayatollah Khomeini and many others have put their seal of approval on this verse which resonates from horizon to horizon.

There one more Urdu verse by someone else that testifies the same idea:

Mujhe asir kare ya meri zaban kaTe

mere Khayal ko beDi pehna nahiN  sakte

Asir = a prisoner

They may imprison me or may cut off my tongue. They shall never succeed shackling my thoughts (and my spirit)                                                                                                                

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati