Le gaye KHak meiN hum, dagh-e-tamanna-e-nishat Tu ho, aur aap ba sad rang gulistaN hona

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This is the 6th verse of Ghalib’s 18th ghazal.

Le gaye KHak meiN hum, dagh-e-tamanna-e-nishat

We carried to our grave, scar of unfulfilled pleasure

Tu ho, aur  aap ba sad  rang  gulistaN  hona 

Now, you be and your 100-color rose-garden enchantment

Khak = grave, dirt      dagh=scar, pain     tamanna = wish, longing        Nishat=pleasure       Tu ho=be you       ba sad rang= with 100 colors        gulistaN=rose garden, garden  

Meaning: Ghalib says, Alas! My desire of enjoying a life of fun remained unrealized and I went to my grave defeated. However, my friend, I wish you a life as colorful as a100-color rose garden. 

Finer aspects: This is a very beautiful verse. In two lines, Ghalib has told so many things: 1. man is embodiment of desires; 2. he goes to grave desires unfulfilled; 3. he wishes that the fun he couldn’t have, be luck of his loved ones 4. Ghalib is tangentially taunting his beloved that by denying love, she kept him from fulfilling his dream. Now Ghalib gone, she and her cheers of 100-color rose-garden are left unbothered.

Ghalibologists’opinions: Hasrat’s” and “Saeed’s” opinion:This verse is a taunt to beloved.  Ghalib taunts her that “you didn’t fulfill my desire winning your love and being me in your arms; now I am gone, get busy with your colorful life unbothered”

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati