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 This is verse of Ghalib’s 17th Ghazal

Moj-e-sarab-e-dasht-e-vafa ka na pooch haal
Do not get me started on dunes of love mirage
Har zarra,   misl-e-johar-e-tegh,  aab-dar   tha
Every grain of its sand was like a spirited, sharp sward 

sarab=mirage     dasht=desert vafa=faithfulness (to love)   Zarra=grain, particle    misl=like     johar=sharpness, mettle, shine    tegh=sward   aab-dar=sharpened, quenched

Meaning 4th verse: My friend! Do not ask me about the wilderness of love and its mirage. Devotion to love is a mirage that attracts thirsty with its illusion of water and greenery; then kills him of thirst and exhaustion. Know this much: every grain of sand dune of this mirage is like a spirited sward. If so, how could someone putting foot in wilderness of love, save himself. It will ultimately take toll of his life

Finer aspects of this verse: Ghalib has likened sand dunes with waves in ocean, which is unique. Words wave, mirage, quenching, and aab-dar, all have connection with water, a terrific selection of words.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati