Ek Ek qatre ka mujhe dena paDa hisab KHun-e-jigar, vadiyat-e-mizgan-e-yaar tha

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This is the 1stverse of Ghalib’s 17th Ghazal.  

Ek  Ek  qatre  ka  mujhe dena  paDa  hisab

I was forced to count every drop and return 

KHun-e-jigar, vadiyat-e-mizgan-e-yaar tha 

Blood in my heart belonged to her eyelashes.

dena paDa hisab= I had to flow blood through my eyes  as pay back     mizgan = eyelashes      yaar=friend, beloved  qatra= drop  vadiyat= a trust, a “deposit”  for safe keeping that must be returned on demand    

Meaning: Blood in my heart belonged to my beloved’s eyelash. Tears of blood rolling from eyes are a payback; it was her deposit her trust. I must count and return every drop.

Let me mention that hairs that grow in a raw on an eyelid are short and stiff. They are sharp as an arrow tip. A lover always feels prick of her beautiful eyelash in his heart. These multiple pricks make his heart bleed. The blood then finds way-out through lover’s eyes, when he weeps tears of blood. Because eyelash makes heart bleed as if blood was its borrowed item and now is being forcibly recovered, Ghalib uses this metaphor. Ghalib calls blood in his heart a Trust or a deposit of Beloved.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati