Maqdam-e-sailab se dil kya nishat aahang hai Khana-e-aashiq, magar, saz-e-sada-e-aab tha

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verse of Ghalib’s 16th Ghazal.

Maqdam-e-sailab se dil kya nishat aahang hai

Advent of flood pleased my heart so much; it played joyous tunes

Khana-e-aashiq, magar, saz-e-sada-e-aa btha

Submerging abode of lover, emanated tunes of water-piano

Maqdam = advent, arrival Sailab=flood  Nishat=pleasure, bliss Aahang=tuneKhana = house , Saz=musical instrument Sada=voice, tune  aab = water, saz-e-sada-e-aab= sound ofmusical bowls of water,

Meaning: While rainstorm flood was submerging my abode, my heart was jumping with joy as if it were enjoying musical tunes. A true lover celebrates when his abode is wrecked, because there is nothing to left then to worry. He then can devote full time on love. Ghalib says, “When the flood water was knocking my doors, walls, and my belongings, it sounded to me as if someone was playing a water piano (Trang). In this verse, use of words “Sada-e-aab” (sound of water) and “Aahang” (tune) has created a beautiful combination.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati