Tu aur su-e-ghair nazar-ha-e-tez-tez MeiN aiu dukh teri mizaha-e-daraz ka

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Tu aur su-e-ghair 2sad person

Tu aur  su-e-ghair   nazar-ha-e-tez-tez

You busy beaming hot glances at the outsider, my rival 

MeiN aur dukh teri mizaha-e-daraz ka

And I frustrate in depression for your long eyelashes’ labor lost.

su = towards, at       Ghair=outsider; rival in love       Nazar = sight, glance  Nazar-ha=Plural of Nazar=sights, glances     tez tez= fast fast, heated      Miza= eyelash  Mizaha=plural of MIza=Eyelashes   Daraz= long

 This is the 3rd verse of Ghalib’s 13th ghazal

Meaning: In this verse Ghalib, in a beautiful way, exalts himself over his rivals, who he calls outsiders. He urges his beloved, “Darling do not give even angry looks, full of contempt and despise, to these outsiders. Because it is a total waste; your long eyelashes are unnecessarily labored. I can’t stand this scenario. It agonize me. Unlike mine, my rival’s heart is stony; devoid any feeling. So, please reserve all your glances for me: even if they are full of anger and despise.

 Finer aspects of this verse: In this verse Ghalib cleverly advises his beloved not to look at any one except himself. He doesn’t say that he is jealous but he forwards an argument that doing so is in her own interest. Bravo Ghalib!

In real life such manipulations are common. Politicians and religious leaders are expert in art of manipulating masses for their own personal benefits.                                                                                                                      

Ghalibologists’ opinions:                                                                                                               Saha’s Opinion: Nazzarha-e-tez-tez means sweet glances. Oh my darling! It must be taxing on your fragile long eyelashes to penetrate the stony heart of my rival. For such penetration one needs a heart like mine. (Meaning, please attack my and my heart only—may be it with anger and contempt)         

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati