Nazar meiN hai hamari, jada-e-rah-e-fana, Ghalib! Ke, yeh shiraza hai aalam ke ajza-e-pareshaN ka

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Nazar meiN hai hamari, jada-e-rah-e-fana, Ghalib!

I have set my sight on the trail leading to passageway of annihilation (Fana)

Ke, yeh shiraza  hai  aalam  ke  ajza-e-pareshaN  ka 

For, Fana is a common string that binds all scattered parts of this world (we are all united in death)          Jada=trail      rah-e-fana=passageway of annihilation          Shiraza=thread that binds pages of a book        ajza sing. juz= parts ParishaN=scattered          aalam=world     

This is the 12th verse of Ghalib’s 10th ghazal. Verses 10th & 11th have been omitted.

Meaning: Oh! Ghalib, I have set my sight on the trail leading to the passageway of annihilation (Fana). I never let go  this thought from my mind. For, it is my conviction that every part of this world will get annihilated and will merge with its original matter. Meaning, every item of this world, however dissimilar and conflicting, or similar and agreeable, shall become annihilated and will merge into one matter; as if annihilation (Fana) is the thread that binds all scattered pages of this book, this world.                           This verse is thought provoking. America, Pres. Bush, those countries named axis of evil, oppressor, oppressed, Hindu, Jew, Christian, Muslim, animals, maggots, trees, plants, and all living things, shall annihilate and merge with air, water, and dust i.e. its original form. Those who died in Hiroshima atom bomb blast, and those who dropped that atom bomb, have died and become part of the same air, water, and earth. All of their animosity, hatred, and differences have ended. The day when this planet will be hit by a meteor or a star every particle of this earth shall be united in one vapor. 

 About two-three years ago an incident happened. Supreme priest of Bohra sect, Who is called Syedna (our Master), who his followers think is very close to Allah and believe with conviction that he has power of interceding with Allah, was traveling in a plane. By chance, his nemesis Mr. Engineer was also traveling in the same plane. Syedna’s followers abhorred closeness of this unclean (na-paak) Mr. Engineer with divinely Syedna. They created a mini riot. At that time the above verse popped up in my mind. Whenever people travel in the same plane they are tied by one common string, the air we breathe.  Israelis, Palestinians, Hindus, Muslims, Americans, Ladin folks, Syedna and Engineer, breath the same air. The air exhaled by our nemesis goes into our lungs. From there it goes into red cells of our blood and become part of our bodies. Thus each passenger (Ghalib would call them scattered pages) is tied by a common thread, the air. In India Brahmins wouldn’t touch lowest caste folks like Bhangis and Chamars. If a Shudra-Bhangi or a Chamar touches a Brahmin by an accident, Brahmin purifies himself by taking a purification bath. However the same Brahmin while traveling in Bus or train in close proximity with a Bhangi or Chamar would willingly inhale the exhaled breath of a Shudra. Brahmin wouldn’t stop breathing!

Finer aspects of this verse: This verse echoes the saying “We are all united in death” However the way Ghalib has said gives a reader a different intoxication and a different charm.

This post is also available in: Hindi Urdu Gujarati